About Us

Историјат на фабриката “ПАЛПЛАСТ-ПРО“ АД Куманово.

The packaging factory "Palplast-Pro" AD-Kumanovo (accompanied by "July 30" AD-Kumanovo) was founded in 1958.

In 2002 of a Macedonian citizen is available for sale at 4,365 business shares of the Privatization Agency and 11,168, common for equity on July 30 - AD - Kumanovo from the site of a natural person in use. Establish new transactions within a personal person for a natural person, as a personal international character is Ms. Erato Paligora - Jonuz attracted 65.23% of the company's capital.

Today the factory has 100 workers and works successfully, with a wide range of plastic products and start to get the opportunity from consulting bottles of 0.03 liters to more than 200 liters, as well as aluminum tubes of various types. Social business offer for number 31020070000986 dated 17.05.2007, issued by the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia, can be found on the website of the company and the main head: Factory for production of packaging "PALPLAST - PRO" AD - Kumanovo.

Our Team

Presiden of UO and General Menager

Mr. Mirsad Jonuz

Phone: 075/398-305

Menager of comercial sector

Mr. Branislav Lazarevski

Phone: 075/381-252

E-mail: branislav@palplast.com.mk

Comercial sector

Mr. Goran Zafirovski

Phone: 075/327-788

E-mail: goran@palplast.com.mk

Menager of financical sector

Mrs Sonja Stojanovic

Menager of production sector

Mr. Zvonimir Bojkovsk